Pixentu X Leica Street Photography Jacket

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A Jacket for Photographers on the Move

Pixentu is the only jacket capable of replacing your camera bag. Multiple pockets allow you to keep your best gear, such as your camera, tripod, and lenses, within easy reach. And personal items, such as your keys, phone, and tablet, have their own dedicated space. We designed Pixentu after one of our team members lost thousands of pounds worth of gear, and his entire library of pictures, when his camera bag was stolen. These jackets give you the freedom to capture the best moments of your trip, without risking anything.

Key Features

TRIPOD - The first ever jacket with a specially designated space for light travel tripods. Works amazing for GorillaPod-type, small telescopic tripods, and action camera selfie sticks.

RAIN PROTECTION – A uniquely designed hood allows extended protection from rain to protect your best camera and lenses from water exposure.

SPECIAL POCKETS FOR LENSES – Waterproof pockets maintain a dry environment for small and medium sized lenses. And the pocket lining is soft and lens friendly so you can use it to clean your lens.

CAMERA COMPARTMENT – Specialized pocket allows you to reach your camera without unzipping your jacket’s main zipper. You’ll have instant protection from rain or dust along with unrestricted movements when on a bike or on a run. Ideal for compact or smaller cameras.

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