The Sports Photography Workshop with Rick May - Bellevue, WA – March 18th-19th, 2023

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Bellevue. WA, In-Person
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Two days of learning on the fields of Bellevue College in Washington as we walk you through everything you’ve always wanted to learn about Sports Photography - but were afraid to ask.

Springtime is the perfect time for America’s pastime, on one of the best fields located in the Pacific Northwest. There is no better time to invest in yourself and in the Leica SL system as you learn how to approach the concept of sports photography, capture peak action moments.

Rick will go into everything you need to know to understand sports photography including techniques used to get him where is today. This workshop will start off with an overview of the genre of sports photography, followed by insights into the dos and don’ts of covering sports.

We’ll follow that by key settings, things to be aware of, and what settings will be a great starting point as you head out to the premier baseball field in the great PNW.

A double-header awaits you as you’ll have unfettered access to players, the field, and everything in-between. The rest of the day will be spent covering baseball and softball on the campus of Bellevue College.

The workshop will end with a review and critique of images created, with the award-winning image being used by the school. You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone, so be prepared. Different challenges through the day will be presented for both the individual and a group, and you’ll be putting into practice the lessons learned. These techniques will help mold you into a better sports photographer.

Registration for this event closes 24-hours before each class begins to solidify attendance. Please feel free to email any questions or concerns to


  • What is sports photography
  • What makes a great sports photograph
  • How to anticipate the peak moment and action
  • Best settings for the Leica SL2 to achieve success
  • Getting started
  • A guide to gear and the L-Mount alliance
  • The game is over, now what - A guide to post-production
  • Storage and software
  • Getting images to your clients

This is designed for both the new and seasoned photographer. It will be an intimate experience, with hands-on guidance throughout the workshop. Attendees should be prepared to be challenged, dig deeper, and grow in ways never thought possible. While Rick will be leading the workshop on the Leica SL2/SL2S, owning a Leica is NOT a requirement.

Having a basic understanding of photography, camera settings, and being familiar with your camera is important.  Students must be able to operate their camera's menu navigation and button system on their own.  Knowledge of photography basics & understanding of the exposure triangle required.   Students do not need any prior lighting experience. Owning a Leica is NOT required. All camera brands are welcome. There will be a limited selection of Leica gear available for attendees to use.

All participants attending this workshop will be required to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination.  This requirement applies to students and instructors.

Class is strictly held to 10 participants

Registration for this event closes 24-hours before each class begins to solidify attendance. Please feel free to email any questions or concerns to


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Rick May is a Seattle based sports photography who has successfully bridged the gap between sports, landscapes and portraits. He teaches that sports photography is actually a variety of photography specializations rolled into one genre. He is often finding himself doing many different things. At times it might be doing meaningful, environmental portrait. And at other times it's trying to tell a story in 10 pictures as opposed to making one picture that embraces everything that he wants to say.


“Every great image tells a story. As a sports photographer, you are called on to tell these stories in 1/100th of a second or faster, which is literally faster than the blink of an eye.” If my photograph is visually captivating, engages with you and brings you into the moment - then I’ve done my job.

"A good sports photographer must master many types of photography. On any given game day, she or he might get a broad shot of a stadium (architecture), a close–up of an athlete giving an autograph to a fan (lifestyle), the home run hit that decides the game (action), or a stack of branded baseball bats (product).


“The challenging side is not only being able to be an ‘action’ photographer, but also an artist, an editorial photographer, and a commercial photographer.”


My collective experiences weave themselves into the images I create, and I’ve been blessed to study amongst some of the elite photographers in the field today.

Leica Instructor Ricky May

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